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NASM Master Trainers!

You may be wondering where we’ve been for the last month or so. Why we haven’t been posting as often… Well we’ve been busy working on improving skills. You may or may not know that a little over a month ago NASM introduced its Master Trainer program… well you know we had to sign up and take the challenge to see if we qualified to call ourselves among the best! If you ever want to test yourself as a trainer this will do it! You start out with a comprehensive online test of core knowledge bioenergetics, functional anatomy, exercise science and program design. Now reading that you maybe saying to yourself that sounds easy enough, but it really was challenging . You have to pass each section with a minimum of a 70% to continue on and let me tell you, you have to know your S***. Once you’ve past the online portion you graduate to the Live Event developed by the NASM Master Trainer Selection Committee. Now the fun really begins! Your training skills from start (meeting a client an assessing them)  to finish (designing a program based on the data you collect) are now reviewed by not only your peers-other highly qualified NASM trainers-but by NASM instructors all of whom are not only great trainers in their own right but help to design and write the NASM curriculum. No pressure at all! Well…we attended the live event this past weekend in Redondo Beach, California in one of the coolest studios-Brikfitness. (If you live in the area check them out). We’d like to give a big thanks to Brian Nguyen owner of Brikfitness for hosting the event in his studio and all the instructors Erin McGill (NASM Director of Training and Design) Brian Sutton (NASM Director of Content Development), Kenneth Miller (NASM Master Instructor) and last but not least Mike Fantigrassi (NASM- Director of Professional Services) for a great experience, you’d be hard pressed to find a better more knowledgeable group of instructors anywhere. Not at all what was expected… it was above and beyond our expectations! We got the call from NASM this afternoon and we’re happy to announce we passed and can now officially  call ourselves NASM Master Trainers! This is a great validation of years of work! Thanks NASM for the great programs you’ve put together to make trainers the best they can be.