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Did You Know?

White vegetables, such as turnips and leeks, are high in nitrate, which can make your cardiovascular system more efficient and decrease the amount of oxygen you need during exercise so you’re extra speedy. (Sports Medicine)


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We just got this in today for a friend who is looking to take her fitness to the next level! When you know how many calories you burn, you know how many calories you need to eat to reach your goal.  The online dotFIT Program works with the CORE Armband, your personal multi-sensor calorie-tracking device from BodyMedia.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or just get healthy, the armband provides essential information about your body, including steps taken, minutes of moderate and vigorous physical activity, sleep efficiency, and calories burned by the minute.

The CORE Armband has been Clinically Proven to accurately measure the amount of physical activity and calories burned, with greater than 90% accuracy across all activities.

A USB cable and a medium-size strap are included with your purchase. The medium strap fits arms with a circumference of 8”- 18”. Just go to to get more information

*BodyMedia technology has been clinically proven to improve weight loss results by up to 3 times. Dont take our word for it (even though you should LOL!) Click here for the full clinical trial results.

Fit Fridays: Exercising in the Three Planes of Motion


Planes of motionIt’s science, but not rocket science

There are three planes of motion in which the human body moves. If you think about it, we usually use a mixture of movements in different planes. Most of your movements aren’t side to side nor are they straight up and down especially when it comes to sports.  So you should never just train in one.






Sagittal Plane

The Sagittal plane bisects the body dividing it into right and left halves. Movements in this plane are flexion (decreasing the relative angle of two segments) and extension (increasing the relative angle of two segments). Some examples of exercises in this plane of motion are biceps curls, squats and running.

Bi curl

Frontal Plane

The frontal plane bisects the body into front and back. Movements in this plane are  lateral movements, called abduction (movements made away from the midline of the body) and adduction (movements toward the midline). Some examples of frontal plane exercises are side lateral raises and side lunges.

lateral raises

Transverse Plane

This plane bisects the body into top and bottom. Movements in this plane occur around the longitudinal axis. Movements in this plane of motion include internal rotation (rotation of a joint towards the midline of the body) and external rotation (rotation of a joint away from midline of the body). Some examples of movements and exercises in this plane of motion are golfing, swinging a bat and turning lunges.

turning lunges

So when you create your training programs, be sure to add some frontal, sagittal and transverse plane exercises.

Did You Know

Did you know you should be increasing the intensity, frequency and/or duration (acute variables) of your exercise over time in order to improve your results? (Periodization).

You can use some activities to fulfill more than one of your basic exercise requirements. For example, in addition to increasing cardiorespiratory endurance, running builds muscular endurance in the legs, and swimming develops the arm, shoulder and chest muscles. If you select the proper activities, it is possible to fit parts of your muscular endurance workout into your cardiorespiratory workout and save time.

Eating after a certain hour and weight gain… My Rant!

Hey everyone just waiting for my next client and was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a post about eating after a certin hour and how it will contribute to weight gain written by a NASM CPT. I know this is a popular belief but in actuality it’s a myth. Your body doesn’t shut down at night, it’s always plugged in and burning calories. The challenge people have with eating late is they are usually entering into a calorie surplus for the day and this is why someone would gain weight. People look to us as professionals to provide accurate information as trainers there’s no harm in not knowing something (I will never claim to know it all, I’m always seeking out more information) but please lets not be the ones to perpetuate industry myths. Let do our due diligence and recerch the information we disseminate and use reputable sources. Let’s use science not gym sience. If your new to exercising or a new trainer searching for more information a book I recommend is Fitness or Fiction The Truth About Diet and Exercise by Brent Brookbush . Its great read and you don’t need a PHD to follow along, you may find it dispels some long held beliefs that even you may have.  Did you hear something that your not sure is correct and would like to fine out if its true post it or send us a message and we”ll try to get the correct answer for you.Thanks for listening to my rant! Question?

Fitness or Fiction

Myth Busted


Research has shown that some people find it easier to stick to a home-based fitness program. In spite of all the hype on trendy exercise programs and facilities, the “best” program for you is the one you will participate in consistently. Have a great day and be active! –

Home crunches