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Hi i’m 16 and i’m not overweight i just have always despized my “love handles” or “muffin tops” and i desperalty want to get rid of them. Do you have ay tips for that?

Hi thanks for following us! First let start wit you cant spot reduce. That said the best way to trim your muffin top and lose the love handles is to lose body fat.  Based on body type certain people will carry more fat in the their midsection than others but reducing your body fat percentage is the greatest and easiest way to reduce the size of your love handles.  

Everyone has abs, everyone has oblique’s, removing the fat just allows you to see them.  Ab exercises and exercises for your abdominals will do what every other exercise does and that is to increase your skeletal muscle and density in that area. The best exercise if your not in love with the handles is called “Push Away”… push away from the table and move more! Check out the workouts we post for some program options. And remember only work to your ability, work hard and smart. Hope this helps.  

Love your blog. I would like to know what is the best way to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. I have read so many different things and they all say something different. I would like to know how to do weights, the proper weight to use, how many sets to do and if it’s possible can you show a sample workout. Thank you.

Thanks we’re glad you like it! It’s  VERY difficult for most people to do this.  Certain people who have more of a mesomorph (muscular) body type might have an easier time doing this; but for most people, it is very difficult if not impossible to lose body fat & gain muscle at the same time. The reason is that gaining muscle & losing body fat require two completely different calorie levels.  Now these calorie levels are, of course, very individualized.  Gaining muscle requires having surplus calories for the body to “make” muscle.  Losing body fat requires creating a calorie deficit where the body burns the fat for fuel.  There in lies the challenge of gaining muscle & losing body fat at the same time.

We would recommend losing the body fat first & then working on gaining the muscle, keep in mind that your workouts have to match your goals.  Just eating correctly to gain muscle or lose body fat wont do the trick by it self.  You should consult a Registered Dietitian (we do work with one) to discuss your calorie needs, and a Certified Personal Trainer (we are) to help you develop a workout plan to match your goals.
You can find some examples of workouts here on the blog under workout for the week: weight loss for beginners & weekend warrior workout (downloadable PDF) that you can take with you when you workout.
FYI: we will be adding affordable online coaching (personal training along possibly nutrition planing) systems in the works as we speak!  So keep an eye out!