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"If you want to get in shape look no further"

I have been working with Crystal for about 4 years now consistently and I could not ask for a better personal trainer. She has improved a range of my abilities such as speed, endurance, strength and specifically form. As a client, you will receive proper instruction on basic and advanced exercises and lifts and ultimately achieve maximum performance. The Mad Sweat trainers are dedicated to each of their clients and sincerely care about their health and welfare. If you want to get in shape and you want to have a positive, fun experience while doing it, then look no further because this is the place for you.


"You'll be glad that you decided to train."

I started personal training with Crystal with a very specific goal in mind to be able to do a certain yoga pose. After years of trying to gain strength through yoga, I had decided to expand my horizons and reach out to a trainer. What happened, though, is that I really started to enjoy the workouts and training regimens on their own – as an experience in itself, and not as something to endure in order to achieve a goal. Crystal’s knowledge and attitude were really key to this shift. From the beginning, Crystal worked holistically, training me to engage and build strength throughout my body. This helped me with my yoga practice, but more importantly, it helped me with my day-to-day life. The nagging pain in my right knee subsided. My SI joint pain is almost gone. And those groceries they aren’t so heavy, anymore! I have, overall, increased energy and strength.

Crystal has an incredible depth of knowledge regarding the human body, sports performance, and health. She is able to effectively meet you where you are, and then work with you to achieve your goals. During the process, you’ll be challenged, but also supported and guided. You’ll be glad that you decided to train — the sweat and effort is worth the reward.

- Alicia B

"My journey really hasn’t been that hard, just consistent."

mike-madsweatI have always been thin and relatively active, however as I stumbled into my 30’s and the majority of my activity has given way to computer work, the pounds started to mount quickly. I come from an obese family and knew I was on borrowed time. Now, I’m a motivated person when I commit to something, but with health and fitness, that commitment has always taken a back seat to “other” commitments.

Knowing that I wanted to make a health change and that I have a habit of losing focus, based on previously failed attempts, this time I decided to enlist the help of a professional. Enter Russell at Madsweat. Bottom line, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the results I have to date without him. Period. Of course the luxury of a personal trainer does sometime seem a bit opulent, but in all actuality it’s just as valuable as any other education you would pay for including college, cooking classes, or self defense. It’s all about learning and accountability.

Honestly my journey really hasn’t been that hard, just consistent. 3 one hour sessions a week and less crappy food. Even on the days I just didn’t feel like going, the knowing that I had an appointment got me there and through the workout. What’s an hour, really?

A big thanks to Russell at Fitness First, I owe him big time!

- Mike

"I have never felt stronger or healthier."

janelle-madsweatI’ve been working with Russell for four months and have seen amazing results in that time.  I am a mother of two and wife of a professional athlete, so my daily routine demands that I keep up with both my children and my husband.

I have never felt stronger or healthier.  Russell’s easy going; friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.  He makes each workout challenging, creative, and most importantly, effective!  I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I have great new muscles!

Thank you Russell, you are the best!

- Janelle

"It's all about results."

I knew I wanted / needed something but I didn’t know what it was. I’d spent 15+ years lifting weights with bodybuilders followed by 2+ years of Bikram (the really hot) yoga and for whatever reason my energy had sagged right along with my skin. I certainly didn’t feel as good or look as good as I wanted. Then I found Russell.

It’s all about results. My weight is exactly the same as when I started with Russell, but I recently had to buy jeans a size smaller. My core is the strongest it’s ever been and I’m even showing signs of a waistline. I’ve been thin for over 35 years but never expected to see a waistline in this lifetime! Hooray

I saw a friend I’ve known for many years last week. She looked at me and said, “You look strong!” And I feel strong. My posture is better, muscles are tighter and my sense of balance has improved more than I thought possible.

It’s true you can’t reverse the downward effects of gravity but you can train with Russell, the next best thing.

- Anne

"I can honestly say I enjoy working out now."

I’d like to thank you. Thank you for everything. I always dreamed of the day where I wouldn’t have to suck in my stomach and now its reality. Thank you for all the grueling pain, early wake up calls and fun. The day you said I need to east more… happiest day of of my life. I can honestly say I enjoy working out now. I will miss these sessions. Hope to see you in the future.

- Bruce

"I was stagnating in my regular workout regimen."

Before training with Russell, I was stagnating in my regular workout regimen. My years of strength and performance training had reached a frustrating plateau. This quickly changed from the first day working out with Russell. He is a very knowledgeable and a experienced trainer who takes his work seriously. Right away, Russell started me on a program tailored to both my fitness level and to my goal of increased strength, speed and agility. His approach includes building a solid physical foundation in order to resist injury and to optimize performance gains. Our training sessions, while challenging, are definitely high points of my week. In eight months working with him, I have more confidence in my physical strength, agility, and endurance than in all those years lifting weights at the gym. Russell is truly an A+ trainer.”

- Keith S, 40

"Working with Russell Wynter was the best thing I have ever done for my health!"

In recent times, I had become overweight and unfit due to a combination of heavy work commitments, poor diet and little exercise.  I found that I did not have time or the motivation to get to the gym so I decided to invest in a personal trainer.

I began to work with Russell to improve my general fitness and strength and to lose the excess weight I have been carrying the last 5 years.

It is apparent that Russell enjoys what he does and this comes across in his appointments. Russell’s energy and attitude, his extensive knowledge of the human body and his ability to understand his client’s needs make him a very good personal trainer.

Working with Russell Wynter was the best thing I have ever done for my health!

- Megan

"He exemplifies the highest standards of a personal trainer..."

I started training with Russell in fall of 2009.  Since then, Russell not only changed my workout routine to best benefit me, he also taught me countless new ways to excel in my fitness regimen.

A few of my goals and areas we focus on are core training, muscle definition and improved strength and conditioning.  Russell utilizes different types of equipment and techniques which, in return, has created a new workout experience for me.

My fitness training with Russell has been nothing but positive.  He listens to his clients specific needs, pays attention to details and helps them achieve and exceed their individual goals.

He exemplifies the highest standards of a personal trainer and carries out his responsibilities in a professional, conscientious and friendly manner.  I would recommend Russell if you truly want an experienced trainer that will develop a program specific to your needs and will motivate you to achieve maximum results.

- Mary

"Sometimes you just need that extra little push to get to the next level..."

I have always been in shape, but really wanted to elevate my fitness to the next level. Crystal worked with me on losing body fat, toning specific areas and building a stronger upper body. The personalization of each workout was so important to my success and I was thrilled by my results. Incorporating plyometrics, TRX suspension and more stability exercises, I have been able to see some fantastic results and achieve my goals. Sometimes you just need that extra little push to get to the next level, and that’s exactly what I received from Crystal – and a whole lot more!”

- Stephanie

"The quality of life I have regained in 4 months has been amazing..."

The quality of life I have regained in 4 months has been amazing to me.  I believed having a trainer would create this, but I forgot how good being fit really feels.  It is more than looking better in your clothes.  Its feeling better about eating, sleeping better, waking up brighter, smiling more and seeing life with greater confidence.

I was referred to Russell Wynter by a woman who seemed to have all of these qualities.  While I was thinking I would surely gain the fitness portion, I realized more comes with being physically fit.  It is an investment combined with a personal commitment; a minimum of 3 months committing that you will spend a minimum of 2 sessions per week with Russell.

I had not participated in any form of exercise for over 5 years; my cardio ability had been greatly compromised.  I’m mid 50’s and even though pounds were not a great issue, my body was weakening and looked like it was composed of down rather than muscle.

It was a difficult decision to invest the dollars for what I believed to be a purely esthetic investment.  I assure you the return has been one of the most valuable investments I have made.  Personal trainers are a valuable part of health management for men and women.  Russell, as well as his wife who is also a personal trainer, are educated and continue their study of personal fitness.  They create each session individually based on each client’s personal needs and personal ability.  They know supplement products and can advise each client to assist in dietary support.

You have to value your life as a whole.  Whatever one does in their life they will do it better if they are physically empowered as well as mentally empowered.  I have read articles recently with statistics about women who work out reduce their risk of breast cancer, osteoporosis, heart problems, hip problems –etc.  These are just some of the many reason to invest in personal training with Russell.

- Vivian

"His easy manner and quick wit was an instant hit with me..."

I was referred to Russell Wynter by a friend who had been training with him and was achieving great results.  At 46 years of age, and after having been out of the gym for approximately 10 years, the prospect of returning to a workout routine and actually seeing results was both exciting and a little intimidating.   But, Russell quickly put my fears to rest.  His easy manner and quick wit was an instant hit with me and I knew I had found the right trainer.  I also found his professionalism refreshing.  He was always prompt, engaging and supportive.  While many trainers appear bored, Russell was always actively engaged in my workouts, whether spotting or just squatting down to encourage me through those last few pushups.

As we got into a routine, Russell’s knowledge of not only fitness, but nutrition and dietary supplements enhanced the results I was seeking.  After working with Russell for 8 months now, I have reduced my body fat by 8%, have my 6-pack back, and can wear a bikini again with pride.  I love my workouts with Russell and look forward to them as the best stress relief of the week.

- Linda

"I lost 20 lbs in 2 months."

The New You challenge was a great thing for me.  The chance to compete gave me just what I needed to get results.  I lost 20 lbs in 2 months.  My clothes fit better now, and I’m motivated to continue on to get into even better shape for the summer that’s coming up.  My thanks go to Russell Wynter, who provided the motivational support and guidance necessary to achieve these goals.  The nutritional monitoring was also very helpful.

- Rich

"I am stronger, leaner and have more endurance."

I have been working with Russell for about a year now. I went to Russell after losing 50lbs, I had reached my goal weight, but had areas that needed major toning. Russell was able to customize workouts and a schedule just for me and my body type. Because of Russell, I am stronger, leaner and have more endurance. I have just the results for my body I was looking for. Russell is fun, positive, knowledgeable and truly a delight to work with. He has taught me and given me all the tools I need to keep my body in the shape I want it. I am so thankful and appreciative for the opportunity to work with him and his company.

- Nicole

"I have never felt or looked better."

Crystal at Madsweat has made a HUGE difference in my life!  After having 3 children and thinking I could never be in shape again – she did it!  I have never felt or looked better.  In addition to helping me gain strength, stay focused, and maintain a healthy weight for over 2 years, she has helped me lower my cholesterol and my blood sugars.  She is wonderful and I could not have done it with out her.

- Noelle

"I feel so great about my body and my lifestyle..."

I started training with Russell to get back in shape to be able to pass the police agility test. Not only has Russell gotten me in prime shape in a short amount of time to pass this test, he has educated me about staying healthy and keeping a healthy, active life. I have had other trainers before that have been average, but Russell is simply amazing. I feel so great about my body and my lifestyle that I would recommend him again and again. Thank you Russell for the help, motivation, and success! You are the best!

- Jodi

"My doctor has taken me off 3 medications..."

When I started exercising I didn’t think I could keep it up. My family and doctors kept saying you can do it. I met Crystal, we talked about my goals and long medical history…including cancer, heart problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure to name a few. I was very nervous to start exercising at 70, but Crystal made me feel very comfortable and designed a program that fit my needs and most importantly that I felt comfortable doing. I am now stronger, healthier and feel great. My doctor has taken me off 3 medications, I have lost 10 lbs, and all my tests continue to show much improvement.I owe it all to Crystal’s help and encouragement. I have worked with Crystal for 2 years now and we will continue to have a long relationship.

- Doris

"I have never really enjoyed gyms..."

I have worked with Crystal for just over 10 months now and have been very pleased with the results. I have never really enjoyed gyms or spent any serious amount of time working out. Crystal has kept the workouts challenging, progressive, yet enjoyable. With a fairly relaxed time commitment for my schedule, I have nevertheless seen a noticeable change in my conditioning. Having Crystal as my trainer has helped to keep me motivated and on track. I recommend her services highly.

- Chris

"I’m a person who spends a lot of time just thinking about good food-especially really great pizza."

I’m a person who spends a lot of time just thinking about good food-especially really great pizza.  And, when I say “a lot of time”-I mean a lot.  Maybe it’s because I was born on the South Side of Chicago so part of me never strayed very far from home.

So the “New You” challenge held a special obstacle for me.  Under Russell Wynter’s watchful guidance, I had already been learning for some months to work my whole body with resistance training, and to mix that up with cardio, too.  This was all successful up to a point-that is, to the point where I defeated myself with Olympic eating.  I was losing the battle and something had to give.

With the “New You” challenge, Russell has really helped me to put all this together.  I have learned to get serious and both my diet and my workouts.  I thank Russell for keeping me honest about really logging my “calories consumed,” and “calories burned” each day with the Bodybugg Calorie Management System.  Once I really maintained my food diary for a while, it got real hard to keep fooling myself that I could eat all the pizza I always wanted and still be successful.  When I really did the math-I saw how a balanced program is the only one that can possibly work.

Plus- I learned the value of little changes that I kept making consistently over a long period of time

- Bill

"This was a most rewarding program with very gratifying results."

I am 65 years old and an avid golfer.  I have been working out regularly for over ten years.  In this period I have only used four trainers.  I only employ trainers who are specialists in this field and know the human body.  This winter while I was in Scottsdale, I hired Crystal Reeves as my personal trainer, and she developed a special workout program for me, which concentrated on my arms, shoulders and legs.

This was a most rewarding program with very gratifying results.  In just two months my body weight dropped from 199 pounds to 187 pounds and my flexibility, balance and strength improved tremendously.
Crystal has a warm and a friendly personality, which immediately sets people at ease.  Crystal has many creative and innovative ideas.  She is intelligent, conscientious, and a hardworking individual who will be successful in any endeavor.

I highly recommend Crystal Reeves as a personal trainer to assist anyone to accomplish their set goals and objectives.

- Ash

"Crystal has been a superior athletic trainer for me and my family."

Crystal has been a superior athletic trainer for me and my family.  We are a sports oriented family who appreciate the importance of physical fitness.  With Crystal’s understanding of an individual’s requirements, she has assisted all of us in forward progress towards our goals.

Personally, Crystal has helped my strength and worked to decrease my body fat within my set goals.  She also has motivated me to continue my workouts and has stressed the importance of diet and goal setting.  With each step towards my ultimate goal, she continues to instruct and provide exercises to help accomplish these tasks.

Each of my daughters have also benefited from Crystal’s motivation.  They have learned to respect the importance of working out, stretching, diet and goal-setting because Crystal has provided the base knowledge in an understanding presentation.

We look forward to a long relationship with Crystal with the benefit of a healthier body, mind and spirit, as well as a friend.

Thank you Crystal for being such an integral part of our learning and improving of each of our selves.

- Alexis